Case information with prepositions and verbs

Herr S. fragt, ob Canoonet nicht auch Informationen dazu angeben könnte, mit welchem Fall Präpositionen und Verben stehen.


Dear Mr. S,

we appreciate your interest in our language services and we thank you for the suggestion to add case information to prepositions and verbs.

The first type of information is already available on Canoonet. E.g.

Search for “gemäß”.

In the hitlist, under the header “Grammar”, you will see the following link:
“Preposition: Prepositions with dative”. See:〈=en

It leads you to this page where you find all the information on the case governed by “gemäß” and other prepositions.

We have not integrated case information in the inflection view of individual prepositions because it requires usually more than a simple indication of one case.

Case information on verbs would certainly be very helpful, too. We intend to offer this information. Unfortunately, we will not be able to do so in the near future because our database contains about 17.500 verbs, most of which govern more than only one case or combination of cases.

Kind regards,

Dr. Bopp